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The family of God is best experienced in the small group environment. It is in this more personal environment that Christians are best discipled, trained and mobilized for action. Holistic small groups
ensure that the whole person grows and is cared for.
Health for the Harvest p.84

A holistic small group is one that deals with the whole person: the mind as well as the emotions. It is a safe place where people can be themselves and not feel condemned. It is a place to grow in Christ in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. It is a place to be trained for reproductive ministry... Creating Healthy Adventist Churches P.56

North London has six Small groups waiting for you to fellowship with them, thsese are the Leaders:

Trevor Bell 226-785-0727
Gwen Belliveau 519-659-2074
Ingrid Francois 519 438 1836
Jonathan Beckles 519 204 7565
Rudy Gordon 519 473 2921
Colin Humphrey 519-204-7485